2017 REEL

A Compilation of 2017 Projects

After 6 years of pushing the envelope, we're more confident than ever in our ability to create content for the future. Working together with the world's leading names and a collection of innovative brands, VUEPOINT was taken across the globe to widen perspectives and inspire minds - one story at a time. 


Winter 2015 Reel

A Compilation of winter 2015 Projects

The first step to real change is a change in perspective. VUEPOINT has always been about the bigger picture and our clients are the same. A compilation of projects from the winter months of 2015 showcasing our efforts to bring value to the world of content, promising a fresh perspective and close engagement with our audience.


Romeo & Julien - HUF Magazine

A short fashion film produced for the cover story Huf Magazine’s 78th issue. The video features a cover - spinoff of Romeo and Juliet starring creative directors and models Armand Dicker and Anthony Hinrichsen.



Panasonic Lumix had given us the challenge to travel across Canada from "Coast to Coast" to test the quality and limits of their new flagship G85 4K camera. The video was used for the official promotional campaign on YouTube and a plethora of retail stores and events across the globe. 



After the popular success of the LG G4 phone which showcased the phone's superior camera and style, VUEPOINT was commissioned to shoot the official launch event for their new "fun" device, the LG G5. If you don't feel like a big kid after watching this, then we didn't do our job.